We have two membership types:

Individual Membership is free and has two membership options:

Primary: people with lived experience of mental illness, past or present, who live or use services in the ACT; and

Associate: people who may have lived experience but do not live and/or access services in the ACT or, are a care  or support person for someone with mental illness and, supports the aims of the Network.

Associate Organisation Membership is for organisations that empathise with consumers and have an interest in mental health. We request a small contribution from most associate members.  Please see the membership form for current contribution rates.

Only Primary Members are eligible to vote at Annual General Meetings. All other membership benefits, including the ability to stand for a position on the Board, apply to both Primary and Associate Members.

As outlined in the Constitution of the Network (Part 2 – Membership, 5. Membership Qualifications), the following criteria needs to be met for membership. If you are unsure that you meet the criteria for membership, please contact the Network to discuss.

Primary Membership

  • Identify as having lived experience of mental illness or psychiatric disorder, or has personally used a mental health service for their own mental health needs;
  • A resident in the ACT or uses services and programs in the ACT;
  • Accepts the objectives of the Network; and
  • Lodged an application for membership

Associate Membership

  • Empathise with consumers;
  • Accept the objectives of the Network; and
  • Have been accepted for membership by the Board.

You can complete a membership application by either;

1. Downloading and filling out a membership application in Word format and then return it by e-mail to actmhcn@actmhcn.org.au: Individual Membership Application or Associate Organisation Membership Application


2. Print a copy, complete it then send it to us at:

Reply Paid 469
Civic Square ACT 2608

Once we receive your application, we will send new primary members a welcome pack in the mail.

Once we receive your application and contribution, all applications for associate membership are taken to the Network Board for endorsement.  Once endorsed, we will send new associate members a welcome pack in the mail.