How to become a Consumer Representative

Can I participate?

If you have lived experience of mental illness you too could participate in the Network’s Consumer Representatives Program.

I want to be involved, but how?

The main way for you become a Consumer Representative is to attend the Network’s Self-Advocacy and Consumer Representation Training (SCR) course to learn more about becoming a Consumer Representative. If you have completed similar training at another organisation you may also be eligible.

The SCR Course is fun and free! Courses are run throughout year and places fill quickly!

Download a brochure about the SCR course.

The course is comprised of two components: Self-Advocacy and Consumer Representation.

Self-Advocacy encourages the development of insight into the personal attributes needed to advocate for your human rights, individual needs, and quality mental health services in the ACT.

Consumer Representation builds on this understanding and provides information about mental health and advocacy services in the ACT. This then becomes the foundation for mental health consumers to develop their practice in mental health literacy and systemic advocacy.

What kind of support is available for a Consumer Representative?

The Network’s Consumer Representative Program (CRP) is a volunteer program where people with lived experience of mental illness can become involved if they are interested in making a contribution towards improving mental health systems and services in the ACT.

Consumer Representatives are reimbursed for their reasonable out-of-pocket expenses in accordance with Network and relevant external policy, such as ACT Health’s Reimbursement Policy and Procedures for Consumer Representatives.

In addition to training, Consumer Representatives are also supported through access to the Network coordinators for briefing and debriefing sessions, and administrative support.

Consumer Representatives also attend CRP Forums, which occur every two months, where they can obtain support and information, as well as provide feedback and discuss issues with, other Consumer Representatives.