The Network is proud to facilitate the following training program for consumers.


Self-Advocacy and Consumer Representation Training

Self-Advocacy and Representation Training is about the individual exercising their personal skills so that the consumer voice is heard, listened to, and acted upon.

This course supports you, the consumer, to identify how effective you can be as a self-advocate and be a voice for other consumers.

Presented in two parts, this training has been designed with consumers, for consumers. The first part of the course is Self-Advocacy training and the second is Consumer Representation.

Our Self-Advocacy and Consumer Representation Training gives participants the opportunity to discover, reflect and respond to issues of stigma and consumer participation in the ACT.

Advocacy begins with the individual, and through skills-based training consumers are prepared with the tools to communicate effectively in a range of situations.

Informed individuals then have the capacity to represent the consumer voice to the wider community where systemic change can happen.

Mental health workers are encouraged to attend.

The Network produced videos about the Self-Advocacy and Consumer Representation training and can be viewed via YouTube on the links below.


Consumer Representative

Download the brochure for Self-Advocacy and Consumer Representation Training

Co-Facilitation Training

At the Network we believe that the lived experience of our members can make a valuable contribution to our workshops. The purpose of this training is to provide eligible members the skills and opportunity to use their expertise of lived experience as Co-facilitators in the Network’s training programs.

The workshop consists of four  training modules, as well as the opportunity for the workshop participants to put into practice the skills learned during the training by having a go in facilitating a range of activities.

Module 1 – Why Peer Work?

What is the benefit of drawing on lived experience? What types of roles are there in Peer Work? What can we do to work effectively as peers?

Module 2 – Group Facilitation Skills 1 (How We Learn and Introduction to Facilitation)

What are some principles for group training? How can we facilitate in an interactive and inclusive way?

Module 3 – Group Facilitation Skills 2 (Facilitation and Co-facilitation Skills)

How can we use different tools and methods when facilitating? How can we effectively share the facilitation of group training with another facilitator?

Module 4 – Self Care

How can we look after our own wellbeing as Peer Facilitators?

Understanding the NDIS

Do you want to learn more about the NDIS?

Are you or someone you know unsure about transitioning to NDIS?

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and ability about how a person with psychosocial disability can access/transition to the NDIS.

During this workshop, participants will explore topics such as:

  • NDIS eligibility;
  • registering for the NDIS;
  • relationship between the NDIS and the recovery approach; and;
  • supported decision making and planning.

To see when any of these workshops will be running, please send an email to