The Consumer Representative Program (CRP) is the foundation activity of the Network in undertaking systemic advocacy.

The CRP is a volunteer program, however, all participants receive reimbursements to cover their costs.

Download a brochure with information about the CRP here and information about the Self-Advocacy and Consumer Representation training here.

The Network is funded by ACT Health to be the peak systemic advocacy body for mental health consumers in the ACT. It is one way in which people who have experience of mental illness can directly feedback their recommendations about how to improve the system to health services in the ACT.

What is Systemic Advocacy?

Systemic advocacy is the process of advocating for change in the systems that guide the delivery of mental health services in the ACT.

Consumer Representatives can use their understanding of these systems, their own lived experience and the lived experience of others to inform their approach in advocating for change.

Consumer Representatives do not provide individual advocacy or other individual supports, instead they advocate for broader changes to help everyone accessing services.