Are you looking for a Consumer Representative?

What is the Consumer Representative Program?

The ACT Mental Health Consumer Network’s (the Network) Consumer Representatives Program (CRP) is the foundation activity in undertaking systemic advocacy.

Consumers provide their expertise in a range of government and community settings to improve services and programs throughout the ACT on a voluntary basis. Given this, Consumer Representatives need to have their reasonable out-of-pocket expenses met. This is achieved by negotiation between the requesting organisation and the Network in accordance with internal and external consumer representative policy.

Request for a Consumer Representative

What happens next?

When the Network receives a request, we work with the requesting organisation to ensure that all available information about the position has been received to assist a Consumer Representative to transition into the role smoothly.

The position is then advertised at a Consumer Representatives Forum for further discussion to give trained representatives the opportunity to nominate for the position. Where time permits, the position may also be advertised more broadly to the Network’s membership; this encourages newcomers to become involved. The recruitment round remains open for two weeks to allow maximum opportunity for interested individuals to apply.

Applications from eligible consumers are then referred to the Consumer Representative Program (CRP) Steering Committee for discussion and selection endorsement. The Steering Committee’s endorsement/s are tabled for noting at the Network’s next Committee meeting.

Once endorsed by the Steering Committee, the Network provides formal notification of a Consumer Representative’s placement to the requesting organisation. The Consumer Representative receives a copy of this letter, as well as a pack welcoming them to the position which includes the documentation provided in the first phase, as well as the names and contact details of relevant parties to the position, such as the committee secretariat.

What happens if a position is not filled?

The position will remain vacant and be readvertised in the next recruitment round unless you advise the Network otherwise.